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call vertaling Engels-Nederlands inclusief voorbeelden.
to call, to summon ww. I call you call we call. ik roep jij roept wij roepen meer vervoegingen van roepen. to call, to designate, to dub, to label, to name, to term ww. I call you call we call.
International Calls Vodafone Australia.
These countries may change from time to time, its important to check that your chosen country is included before making the call. If you go over your allocated international minutes or make a call to a country thats not included, then youll be charged at our plan call rates.
Call international phone numbers directly using Skype.
call WikiWoordenboek.
2.3.1 Uitdrukkingen en gezegden. Geluid: call VS hulp, bestand. Woordherkomst en opbouw. Van het Engelse call. onbepaalde wijs onvoltooid. 3 yama, yama na telefon, bel, dal un call. Schrijfwijze op Bonaire en Curaçao: kòl. Woordherkomst en opbouw. Van het Engelse call.
A call auction is also known as a call market. The call auction is a type of trading method on a securities exchange. A call option is a derivative product which is traded on a formal exchange or in the over-the-counter marketplace.
THE CALL In Theaters 3/15 YouTube.
Release Date: 15 March 2013 United States. In this heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller, veteran 911 operator Jordan Academy Award Winner Halle Berry, Monster's' Ball, 2001 takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine, 2006 who has been kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a madman's' car.
werkwoord call vervoegen.
who's' call ing? could I ask who's' call ing? wie kan ik zeggen dat er belt? where are you call ing from? waar belt u vandaan? what company are you call ing from? van welk bedrijf belt u? I'm' sorry, she's' on another call.
CALL Community for Authentic Leadership and Learning Twynstra Gudde Organisatieadviesbureau organisatieadviesbureau.
Home CALL Community for Authentic Leadership and Learning. CALL Community for Authentic Leadership and Learning. CALL is de naam van een internationaal leiderschapsprogramma. Het is bestemd voor de top van het bedrijfsleven, wetenschap en overheid. Het CALL-programma staat voor authentiek en verantwoord leiderschap.
Cloud Telefonie.
Call-in-one is trotse deelnemer aan Founded in Groningen @ FoundedinGro Intro video: https// 1134: am, March 23, 2016. Why not have a video call with @ sankop25 in the car with MiCollab installed by @ Source2Cloud? @ Mitel_NL @ Mitel https//

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